Way way back, right from the very start, Rajavithi Hospital was meant and exclusive for “females” only. Thru the continued developments under the great leadership of
several highly-competent and far-visioned directors, the Rajavithi Hospital workforce has united and devoted for the prosperity of their beloved hospital which now serves also the “men.” Open with our service minds for just anybody. All the walks of life, religions, and
political beliefs.
          It has emerged itself into one of the largest hospitals under the Ministry of Public Health management and ownership. Daily count of around 4,000 patients/clients a day dropping by for the medical and para-medical services.
          A rise of the new 27-storey building is to mark the never-ending devotion and dedication for service excellence to the general public. Better in-patient capacity hand in hand with better, more modernized medical equipments and their related technologies are
made ready to answer the needs of complicated ailments in the present days.
          Activities of academic for the medical students, residents, nurses, and the related health-care practitioners are always on the go to keep the hospital competency at the top notch. Broadening the international affiliations is being in the practice. Several exchanges from abroad of students, lecturer, observers, as well as the technology transfers speak well for the hospital strategy aimed for the excellence in the field. All of beforementioned
measures including the firm development / improvement are taken in the concert to be ready for the upcoming “ASEAN Economic Community” on the essence of Thai way of life.
We have taken ourselves on the road and travelled a long
long way in the past six decades just to go on with our
mission to serve the best medical services to our dear Thai

community with our hearts and souls integrated.



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