Rajavithi Hospital (in the original name : Women’s Hospital) was established on 16 April 1951.Prime Minister Marshal P. Pibulsongkram and Thanphuying La-iad Pibulsongkram discussed with Luang Nitya Vejjavisit who was the Director General of Department of Medical Services at that time to instituted the hospital at Tungphayathai Field which is situated between Rajavithi road and Phayathai road. The government had the permission to construct in 1947. It was determined to be the first special hospital for women and children in Thailand. Reliable and well-known to the public due to its capable team combining management, medical doctors and other professionals, it is where the first successful operation to separate Siamese twins was conducted in Thailand-that of Wandee and Sriwan- to our great pride. On 2 May 1976 (22 years after founded),

His Majesty The King granted the auspicious name “Rajavithi Hospital” to replace the name “Women’s Hospital”. The function of the hospital has then been altered, providing general services and care not restricting to women and children. Expanding our mission to provide general treatment for all patients nationwide. In the tradition, our infrastructure and medical services system and human resource development have continually improved, resulting in today’s modern, fully-equipped hospital with dedicated staff of service-minded medical professional. Rajavithi Hospital is the largest hospital in Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health system and has 61 years of service to the country. Initially named Women’s Hospital, Rajavithi Hospital currently has 1,200 beds…and a strong reputation as an excellent center

providing medical and paramedical personnel in all specialties in conjunction with modern medicine, appropriately equipped: intelligent operating room or center of endoscopic surgery, Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy, and Elekta LINAC with MLC and Surgical Skill Training Center. Such components are used in providing services in varied specialties and healthcare dimensions, examination and diagnosis,
treatment and rehabilitation which lead to an optimal quality of life of the Thai people.


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